Client: The Oriental Press
Author: Liping Hu
Date: October 2020
ISBN 9787520711807

This book is a compilation of the culture of the names of the Beijing Subway stations. It introduces the origins of the names of about 350 stations along the 22 lines, concerning the locations, the history, and the landscape features of these stations. The design of this book centers on the colors and directions of different lines of the Beijing Subway. The chapters are arranged in the order of the stations. On each page there is a short introduction and a map of one station. Transfer stations are also marked on maps throughout the book. The book is illustrated with more than 100 precious old photos. The cover of the book is a complete picture of the Beijing subway and a graphical catalog of the book. The graphics of each subway line correspond to the area described in the text. The visual information design runs through each page of the book to form the book Reading orientation and visual recognition system, The design enhances the interest and readability of the book, highlights the historical value, the artistic value, and the practical value of the book. The maps, the photos, and the text complement each other, allowing readers to have a more intuitive and in-depth understanding of the Beijing Subway.

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