Client: People's Fine Arts Publishing House
Yunchuan Zhao, Jia An
Date: April 2022
ISBN 9787102086378

The study of Theravada Buddhist art has always been a weak link in the study of Chinese Buddhist art. In terms of research methods, this book emphasizes relying on fieldwork and focusing on image research as the basis for elucidation. This not only broadens the path of research, but also highlights the value of this book. The reason is that for some old murals with historical and cultural value, this book collects and compiles them through field work, so that these works can be passed on without danger and will not be annihilated, which is nothing more than a record of this historical treasure. As for many modern or contemporary murals that exist in a "living" way, because they are constantly changing and being covered, updated, mutated, and disappeared in a timely manner, this book presents them, which is undoubtedly a reflection of Dai Buddhist temples. A periodical or documentary record of murals. It not only breaks through the bottleneck or blood stasis of research, but also highlights the value and significance of image research. This book is a project funded by the National Publishing Fund.

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