Client: Jiangsu Phoenix Fine Arts Publishing House
Author: Binjie Liu, Hongzhu Yin
Date: January 2019
ISBN 9787558078712

Master Hongyi is an outstanding artist, educator and Buddhist monk in China. Mr. Huang Fuhai,as master Hongyi's disciple, promoted the art and spirit of "hongti calligraphy" all his life. This book selects more than 80 calligraphy works of Master Hongyi and more than 40 calligraphy works of Mr. Huang Fuhai. The main colours of the design are brown and yellow which are the traditional colours of Buddhism. The use of paper is distinctive. Master Hongyi's works are printed on brown paper, while Mr. Huang Fuhai's works are print on white paper. Different types of paper reflect the sense of time in their works. The content between the their works is printed on yellow paper. The soft paper makes thumbing through the book a pleasant experience. The simple design reflects the tranquil life of Master Hongyi as a great monk.

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