Client: Nanjing University Press
Author: Pok Chi Lau, Liping  Huang
Date: October 2022
ISBN 9787305251665

With the help of images of the Cuban Chinese, this book narrates the history of Chinese immigrants in Cuba and records the living conditions of the existing old Cuban overseas Chinese and their descendants. On June 3, 1847, a Spanish galleon landed in Havana carrying the first 206 indentured laborers from Xiamen, Fujian Province, marking the first page of the history of Chinese immigration to Cuba. In the past 160 years, the Cuban regime has changed and the economic crisis has been severe, making it very difficult for Chinese Cubans to survive in Cuba. The author of this book overcame many difficulties, went deep into the Cuban capital and inland towns, contacted the old overseas Chinese and the mixed-race Chinese, and shot many impressive documentary works. The author tries to explore the identity and cultural dependence of overseas Chinese from the daily life and personal stories of the Cuban Chinese.

The Cuban Chinese in the camera include Chinese who traveled overseas and their descendants, some of whom are mixed-race Chinese. There are also non-Chinese descendants who were adopted by Chinese and grew up nourished by Chinese culture. With the Chinese cultural identity and not limited by blood, they have inherited Chinese culture and spiritual beliefs.

The book comes with a separate booklet of photos in which Chinese people are holding photos of their ancestors. The edges of the booklet are cut into the distinctive zigzag pattern of photographs. A brown paper cover binds the book and booklet together in a red folding case. There is a paper bag on the folding case. In the paper bag is a picture and a page of the alphabet. The whole book is an archive. The design is simple but unique.

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