Client: Nanjing University Press
Author: Lou Reed
Date: May 2014
ISBN 9787305122668

This is a collection of rock lyrics written by Lou Reed, the lead singer and guitarist of the Velvet Underground band. It is divided into two volumes, Chinese and English. Chinese black paper is printed in silver, and English is printed in black on kraft paper. It is definitely a favorite Lou Reed's Fan Collection!

Lou Reed, one of the leading veteran figures in today's rock and roll industry, his music journey spans nearly half a century from the 1960s to the present, and has witnessed the myriad phenomena of contemporary music culture. After leaving the Velvet Underground, Lou Reed's solo career has experienced several ups and downs in more than 30 years, and finally achieved a positive result, becoming a godfather figure worshiped by hundreds of millions of music fans around the world.

"Life was saved by rock & roll" is a famous saying sung by Lou Reed in "ROCK & ROLL", which still convinces countless people. Lou Reed shaped THE VELVET UNDERGROUNG with his genius-like paranoia and willfulness, and ultimately ruined it. Lou Reed has always appeared as a philosophical scholar in...

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