Client: Jiangsu Literature and Art Publishing House
Author: Chongzhou Zhou
Date: April 2023
ISBN 9787559470362

This book is a classic work that showcases the charm of Chinese ancient architecture. It is written by Mr. Chen Congzhou, a master of garden art and a famous expert on ancient architecture in China, who has devoted his life to the theoretical research of ancient architecture. The book contains more than 200 precious old photos and hand-drawn pictures of ancient buildings, allowing readers to appreciate the historical appearance and exquisite details of ancient architecture. The book is divided into four parts, introducing gardens, bridges, temples and other types of ancient buildings respectively. Each part uses different abstract graphics to summarize its architectural features, forming unique visual symbols. The design of the book is also full of classical flavor, using yellow antique paper to print the pictures and texts, creating a simple and elegant beauty. The front and back parts use a dark red paper, printing the hand-drawn line drawings in gold, which looks elegant and chic. The cover uses dark brown washed cowhide paper, and engraves the title on it, reflecting a heavy historical sense of ancient architecture.

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