Client: Jiangsu Phoenix Literature and Art Publishing House
Author: Yicheng Gu
Date: April 2021
ISBN 9787559435859

This book is a collection of the stories of ordinary people in Nanjing. The design has many elements from everyday life. For example, different kinds of paper that people use in daily life are used in the design,with the whole book bound in a random order. In other words, each book is unique in the sense that it is bound in a different order. The book is also characterized by the three deckle edges. The font of the book's title and the chapter headings imitate that of words on shop signs. There are proverbs and children's rhymes of Nanjing printed on red paper in the front and the back parts of the book. The layout of the book is simple and unique,which truly reflects the aesthetics of ordinary people and reminds us of everyday life.

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