Client: Guangxi Normal University Press
Author: Chao Xu
Date: September 2021
ISBN 9787559838704

Chinese characters are ideographic, embodying the 5000-year history of Chinese civilization. This book is a story about the evolution and development of Chinese characters. It is divided into two parts. The author selects 100 Chinese characters, writes them in calligraphic zhuan, and explains the historical origin and evolution of these characters. In terms of design, the book is divided into two parts: the first part is mainly text, and the second part calligraphy. The two parts are distinguished by different kinds of paper. The design of the case and the cover is inspired by ancient Chinese bamboo slips (a kind of book that appeared more than two thousand years ago, consisting of vertical strips of bamboo with carved characters). 100 Chinese characters written by the author are embossed on the case. This elegant design presents the beauty of traditional Chinese culture.

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