Client: Jiangsu Phoenix Literature and Art Publishing House
Author: Shuntaro Tanikawa, Noriko Mizuta, Kima Hyesoon,
Yoko Tawada, Hirata Tawada
Date: January 2021
ISBN 9787559413871

This book includes representative works of seven East Asian poets, including contemporary poets Tanigawa Shuntaro (Japan), Lee Sung-bok (Korea), Kim Hye-soon (Korea), Mizuta Muneko (Japan), Tawada Yoko (Japan), Hirata Toshiko (Japan), Bun Jung Ji (Korean) poetic works. These poets were widely influential in Japan and Korea at that time, and they were also poets with international influence. The designated works are all representative works of these poets, with another artistic level. Presented in multiple languages, readers can refer to each other and gain a different reading experience.

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