Client: Jiangsu Literature and Art Publishing House
Author: Xiaofeng Tang
Date: October 2022
ISBN 9787559470317

This book is a reader that showcases the historical and cultural charm of Jiangyin, with the theme of inheriting historical civilization and promoting Jiangyin spirit, and the content of poems, essays, calligraphy and paintings by famous people. Inspired by the Yangtze River, it creates a unique visual image. The book is divided into three chapters, each using different paper and printing techniques, presenting different styles and atmospheres. The poetry chapter uses elegant beige paper, the prose chapter uses warm beige paper, and the calligraphy and painting chapter uses smooth pure paper. Each chapter is accompanied by exquisite illustrations and different layout designs, allowing readers to appreciate the beauty of words and feel the natural scenery and humanistic customs of Jiangyin. The book is divided into two parts by the Yangtze River as the center line, with Jiangbei on the top and Jiangnan on the bottom. The content of Jiangyin is concentrated on the Jiangnan side, and the wave pattern on the book mouth symbolizes the surface of the Yangtze River, implying the close relationship and deep emotion between Jiangyin and the Yangtze River. The book is packed into a special book box, which also has the theme of the Yangtze River. It uses a blue and white alternating design, which has both modernity and traditional charm. This book is a exquisite work that integrates literature, art and design, aiming to inspire Jiangyin people’s passion for loving and building their hometown, and also to show the world the historical heritage and cultural charm of Jiangyin city.

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