Client: The Oriental Press
Kuang Han
August 2020

The life and culture of Beijing people are rooted in hutongs (Alleys) which are full of precious memories. For 30 years, the painter has penciled numerous hutongs (Alleys) of Beijing. As a result of the urban development, many hutongs (Alleys) no longer exist today, but they still exist in the painter’s works that vividly illustrate the old days of Beijing. The beauty of this book lies in the simple but unique design. The book depicts 44 hutongs (Alleys). Each hutong (Alley) is described in detail, with its location marked in the margin, and behind the text there is a fine painting printed on a folding page. The grey of these paintings perfectly presents the charm and vicissitudes of Beijing. The main part of the book is made of soft and delicate paper, while the first and last parts are made of eco-friendly kraft paper. The book’s design is a clever blend of text and paintings, with stories of hutongs (Alleys) flashing through it.

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