Client: Nanjing University Press
Author: Boria Sax
Date: April 2019
ISBN  9787305212758

This book was listed as one of the 25 "most beautiful books" in China in 2019 in the "Most Beautiful Books in China" selection activity hosted by the Shanghai Press and Publication Bureau.

The crow, a confusing black elf, has an ever-changing role: Apollo's sacred object, witch's familiar, messenger of death, symbol of auspicious marriage, Edgar Allan Poe's ancient bird, Van Gogh's ink dot...

It traveled from ancient Egypt to medieval Europe, to the cities we live in, from Greek and Roman mythology to literary and artistic classics, and flew into the well-known Grimm's fairy tales and the story of the crow drinking water.

What's the story behind the Three-Eyed Raven in Game of Thrones? What is the secret of the crow on the badge of Renye Karasuma, the ultimate boss of "Detective Conan"? Let this "The Raven" reveal the secret to you.

This is a minimalist history of crows that you must love to read. This is a collection of fantasy stories with crows as the protagonist. This is a classic work that bird lovers cannot avoid. Jointly recommended by major media such as Publisher Weekly. Boria Sachs put aside the boring scientific language and academic language, and tells the classic or little-known stories about crows, with a rare broad vision and vivid...

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