Client: Jiangsu Literature and Art Publishing House
Author: Jie Ding
Date: January 2022
ISBN 9787559462497

This is a book of life philosophy aphorisms, in which the author condenses the insights of philosophical wisdom and the essence of literary talent into capsules of brain tonic with cold humor and colloquial language. Every word and sentence is full of the power of wisdom and the warmth of healing. The book also contains a large number of paintings, with pictures and texts, allowing readers to enjoy the pleasure and beauty of reading. The design of the book is mainly in black and white, and the text is divided into four parts, each with a theme and a graphic symbol, forming a unique visual style. The four parts are distinguished by alternating black and white design. Finally, the book is packed into a medicine box, with four capsules containing four life aphorisms, and a page of drug instructions, which is a perfect interpretation of the purpose of this book. The design of the book is both interesting and creative, and also reflects the profundity of philosophy.

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